Sunday, August 1, 2010

Meanwhile... some exciting news (100th post!)

My home phone is still NOT connected. So, I still do not have internet connection at home and it is not very convenient for me to write my posts. I have to say that this is getting really annoying and I am really getting impatient. @$%# Telstra, the service provider in Australia.

I am at the public library again where I am only allowed to use the computer for a maximum of 1 hour per day. So this is just going to be a short announcement. It's really a shame because this is actually my 100th post. At least I have a piece of very exciting news to share with all of you...

I GOT MY VERY FIRST SEWING MACHINE!!! A REAL sewing machine, a lovely Elna Sew Fun sewing machine from Spotlight that cost just A$159! It was a discounted price and I saved A$240! WHAT A STEAL!


So many stitch functions... so exciting... (^_^)My mum once asked me what I wanted for my 21st birthday. I said I wanted a sewing machine, but she rejected that request. In the end I got a necklace with a small diamond-studded key pendant. Never mind that, because I knew I would get a sewing machine for myself one day. This is it.

P.S.: I will be blogging in school tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


Glad that i follow you on Tumblr and found this blog. i love it already! Please let me know how this machine turns out because i have been looking for one for monthssss!

gwenstella said...

aww thanks girl! i'll write something about the sewing machine soon! :D

ooh i spy with my little eye, you got a pretty cool blog too! <3 but i am trying to figure out how to follow you when i don't see any follow button on the page... :P

Anonymous said...

Woohoo......finally. I am gonna see more exciting and interesting projects coming up soon. Happy for you Qi....