Friday, April 29, 2011

Hat trick

Oversized knitted beret originally made for a friend. She rejected it and said I looked better in it, so I should wear it instead. This was my second time wearing it.

Oversized knitted beret made for me by the same abovementioned friend. She gave it to me before I went over to Sydney for my studies. This was my first time wearing it!

Knitted Panda Beanie. I still need to knit 2 ears for this.
The days are getting colder here in Sydney, but I have plenty of knitted hats to keep me warm. 

P.S.: I have more knitted head gear! >_<

question answered:
Sarah asked: "what pattern did you use for the first beret?"
I modified an original pattern by Claire Crompton from 'The Knitter's Bible'. More details in my Ravelry account here


MegaMi May said...

Cute panda needs ears! :D

Atley said...

Sure wish my GF would knit me some fancy headwear! oh well... might have to learn to do it myself.

sarah said...

what pattern did you use for the first beret?

The Sew Convert said...

So cute, love the panda one!

BEESTLYproducts said...

i love the first one. <3<3<3

Atley said...

come on girl! What else you been working on? I know your crazy mind gotta pump some other kind of knitting experiment out!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat but just wanted to know if you knit 8 rounds before decreasing and if when decreasing do you repeat just the k2tog or are you repeating the knit stitches as well. Thanks