Saturday, April 21, 2012

DIY Inspiration: Neon Knitwear

Neon green yarn
I have to say that this is the brightest idea ever. Literally. 

Actually, the idea to make a knitted neon jumper came to me when I saw a local shop selling (cheap) neon green yarn. I don't think I've ever come across neon yarn before! Since I've been looking for a neon jumper, why not knit one myself? 
This knitted jumper from Topshop is the ideal shape and design that I want for my jumper. I shall start sourcing for a good pattern for knitting my neon jumper.

And yes, I use cheap yarn. 



Little Red Emo Hood said...

Oh that is an amazing colour! My mum is currently crocheting me a blanket that's this green, orange and black!

Robert Dulaney said...

yeah. i don't think i have ever seen neon yarn. i would have scooped it all up!

Kailey said...

Ohh this sounds like a wonderful project! I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress :D

Anonymous said...

What brand is this?! I have been looking all over and this is PERFECT!

gwenstella said...

hey Anon, the neon orange jumper is from Topshop. The link is right under the picture. :)

Anonymous said...

No, the neon green yarn. I want some exactly that color to make a housewarming gift (her fav color). Thank you very much tho. :)

gwenstella said...

Woops, sorry but the yarn is just some random Made in China yarn I bought from a dollar shop!