Thursday, March 11, 2010

From the streets of Bangkok - 5

She was not just any other street peddler. There she was, sitting cross-legged along the narrow pavements of the sidewalk, quietly making her craft. The sun was blazing hot and you can see her forehead glistening under the sunlight with its sweat. The streets was as busy as ever on the Sunday morning, yet she sat there quietly, seemingly unaffected by the surroundings.

She was making cute little amigurumi keychains. The speed at which she crochet was amazing, considering that she was using a tiny crochet hook (which I would guess to be size 1mm or smaller). It almost seemed like she was crocheting out of instinct. Either that or she has really good eyesight.

Impressed by her fine skill, I asked if she could help me smile for a photo. She looked up at me and gave a meek smile, all these while with the fingers still working with the hook and the yarn. Ah, her tanned skin and the wrinkles around the eyes when she smiles, I wonder how many years has she been peddling her craft.

As my friends and I walked away, she returned to her work, her nimble fingers playing around with the crochet hook and the yarn, oblivious of all the praises that the tourists have for her.
Click on the picture to enlarge and take a look at the amigurumis!

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Hello Naka said...

omg they look great ^^

she must have such a bad neck ache from doing tht all day D: