Sunday, November 30, 2008

DIY: Upcycled Xmas Tree

Tis' the season to be... upcycling!
Christmas is just around the corner! Add a little joy of Christmas around the house by making this little upcycled Christmas tree ornament.
Click on the images to view larger pictures! (^_^)

Tools and Supplies
1 Cereal Box
Mathematical Compasses
Bottle Cap
Plasticine/Blue Tack
Drinking straw

1. Get an unwanted Kellogg's Cereal box.
With the help of a pair of mathematical compasses, cut circles of 4.5 cm, 4.0cm, 3.5cm, 3.0cm, 2.5cm, 2.0cm and 1.5cm

2. Cut slits of around 1cm all around the circumference.

3. Your circles should look like this when stacked together on the straw. The circles should fit snugly on the straw if you didn't cut the holes too big.

4. Trace the size of the bottle cap (which is going to be the pot of the xmas tree) on the cereal box.

Repeat Step 3 only for this circle.

5. Position the circles nicely at one end of the straw.Cut long slits of about 4cm at the other end of the straw.

6. Stick a small volume of Blue Tack, plasticine or even sticky tape at the centre of the straw where the long slits stop.

7. Stick the straw to the centre of the bottom of the bottle cap.

Try using long slender items like pencils to help you in this step.

8. Add stuffings of unwanted paper into the "pot". Tear lengths of used, unwanted paper, then twist them lengthwise. Try joining the twisted paper into a circle and stuff it in the bottle cap.

If you have plasticine around your house, use it instead! I think it's definitely a better material for support.

9. After the bottle cap is stuffed full, stack the circle cut to the circumference of the bottle cap on top.

You can add a little glue to stick the cereal box circle to the cap.

10. Apply glue to the area where the straw and the cereal box meets to secure the xmas tree.

11. When the glue is completely dried, snip the remainder of the straw at the top.

Embellish your upcycled xmas tree with stars, ribbons and glitters!

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