Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Yes, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 80's cult classic by John Hughes. But this post is not about all the pretty clothes worn by Andie (Molly Ringwald), the boyish good looks of Blane (young Andrew McCarthy) or the unforgettable dance moves by the Duck Man (Jon Cryer). Maybe I can talk about all that in another post in the future. But for now, I am just going to talk about how I've been rather 'inspired' by the colour pink lately. Yes, for some reason, the colour pink has creeped into my life...

Lip Smacker Balm (Cotton Candy flavour). I am lip balm junkie because my lips are always dry, regardless of the season. I feel like licking my lips all the time with this, because it's just too tasty. It comes with a lip gloss too (in the background), and that tastes like ... glucose. HAHA. BUT! It's not very moisturising and there's no SPF value. I am not likely to get a Lip Smacker product again...

Rimmel Nail Polish, $2.33, on sale. I don't usually buy nail polish by big brands like Sally Hansen/Maybelline/Rimmel/OPI, but this was on sale and the price was close to the usual cheap $2 ones that I get from the pharmacy. :)

Kids watch, $5, on sale. A good pair of watch for uni. Also, a great addition to any arm party!

Friendship bracelet, DIY. Ok, this is not EXACTLY a bracelet, because it's too short to be one. Well, it might still become one if I attach a long chain or something. I did this on a whim and I haven't really decided what I want to do with it. I may make it into something else! (i.e. NOT a bracelet)
Pink denim, $14.95, on sale. I can't believe how cheap this pair of denim is. I can't believe that they fit me well! I have never really found a good pair of jeans that fit me well because I have bottom-heavy. I wouldn't say that this pair of jeans fit me perfectly, but it's good enough! More importantly, I uploaded this picture on the Westfield shopping page on Facebook and won a $50 gift card! Oh yeah oh yeah~ Lucky~ P.S.: Westfield is a chain of shopping malls in Australia
Salmon skirt, $14.95. I bought this salmon skirt using the $50 gift card. It sits about 1 inch below the waist and does not fit snugly. I wish it sat right on the waist instead. I'll see how it goes. I can always alter it if I want to! :)
And.... last but not least... a set of pink velvet tracksuit. Judge me for all you like, but I think this set of tracksuit is AWESOME. I couldn't help it. The jacket and pants were just $3.50 each (i.e. $7 in total). There were pink, sapphire blue and black. Black is boring. Blue is not my colour. So... I opted for pink. All I need now is a chihuahua in my arms... (P.S.: Of course I'm not going running in this tracksuit. I don't go running at all...)

Oh oh!!! And also, I have been working on something... Here's a sneak preview... It's still not complete. Hopefully I'll be able to write a post about it soon! :D

That's the end of the pink vomit post. So, what colour has been inspiring you lately?


quinster said...

I have always been inspired by turquise , teal and brown and especially now because its getting to be winter here soon ! Favorite fall colors. Lucky you, you are all done with winter !

Kat said...

Where did you get those jeans from? Did they have other colours? I saw a girl in a pair of kelly green jeans the other day and now I want some.