Sunday, November 4, 2012

Black Cat

Of course, I let down my hair and took off my jacket when I hit the dance floor
I had great plans for the Halloween. I really did. But uni work creeped in and before I knew it, Halloween was over. I never got the chance to dress up as Leela (and have a whole head of purple hair). 

Oh well.

But when another opportunity for dress-up casually passes you by, you grab it by the neck and never let go. And so, when the moon rose high in the sky last night, I transformed into... a black cat. 

The whole look took me less than an hour to get together. I made the kitty ears headband in less than 30 minutes the day before and only spent 15 minutes on the make-up. I even had some spare time to make a bracelet.

Rock and roll
Kitty ears made from black, velvet-like fabric
I dressed up as a cat for the regular Shake, Rattle and Roll dance night at Bedlam Bar in Sydney last night. Oh wait, it was Shake, Rattle and Ghoul last night. My friend and I got there a little late but I had the time to squeeze in a couple of dances before we left the joint at 12 midnight just like Cinderella. 

And so here I am, sitting at home on a Sunday night typing up a blog post. I stayed home today to work on my thesis. However, I'm not bitter about it because I got to dance last night. 

If you haven't got the hint, I LOVE Rock & Roll and Rockabilly dancing. 

x g


brittany said...

Gwen, I love your ears. Also, is that a pin on your jacket (the "hello" one?) Because I adore it.

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