Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yarn galore!

I have been shopping at Spotlight lately, and going all gaga over the great yarn sale over there.

So many pretty and yummy yarn that I can't wait to cast all of them on my needles right away.

I have to say that I am getting more and more adventurous in my usage of yarns. I bought several eyelash and furry yarns with the hope that I will one day get to use them as trimmings for my hats and mittens.

But I also have a plan to make a funky heart-shaped furry cushion using the pink-red-black mix of Moda Vera Flurry as a Christmas present for a friend. :)

Oh and look at the scrummy-looking Moda Vera Jelly yarn!!! I really can't take my eyes off the combination of red-white-green the moment my friend showed it to me.

Initially I was having some reservations about getting the blue one because it didn't look as nice as the red version. But then after going home and thinking about it... I decided to get it anyway! Well, it was ON SALE...

And to take full advantages of the discounts, I am now a Spotlight VIP card member. Just a gentle reminder for all who are going on crazy yarn shopping like me - do bring your own shopping bag, say no to plastic bags!

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