Monday, October 27, 2008

DIY: Retro/Mod Earrings

These earrings are really cheap and easy. With the liberty to choose any patterns or image for your earrings, you can make various styles of earrings!

The idea came when I was thinking of something to make and sell during the hospital charity drive this Wednesday. I wanted to make something with scrap materials that I can find at home. So this is what I came out with in the end. I really hope that they will like the earrings and buy them!

Glue stick
A pair of scissors
Postcard/other cardboard
Clear nail varnish
Push pin
Round rings
Earring hooks

Cut the 2 edges of the postcard to get 2 identical scalene triangle. (I felt that scalene triangles will look more chic as earrings compared to isosceles and equilateral triangles.)

Choose a picture from the magazine that will work great as a graphic for your mod earrings. Geometric patterns and neon colours work best. Choose geometric patterns for mod earrings or cartoons for a cute pair!

Place your triangle over the design and trace using a pencil.

Flip the triangle over. This step is very important. If you use the same side of the triangle to trace the design, you will find that the pieces you cut from the magazine cannot fit one of the sides of your triangle!

Cut along the lines that you have traced, then glue the pieces onto the respective sides of the postcard triangle.

Do the same for your other postcard triangle.

Apply clear nail varnish evenly on both sides of the triangles.

When the nail varnish has fully dried, snip a little from one of the corners of the triangle. This creates a flat end for the triangles to hang freely from.

You can choose any corner to snip from. Do try snipping the different corners as they all yield different looks!

With the help of a push pin, poke a hole near the snipped edge.

Do choose a larger push pin to ensure that your round rings can go through the hole created.

The hole should not be too near the end of the triangle.

When the push pin is pushed through, give the pins a good twist for a more prominent hole.

Attach the round rings and the .

Make sure that the round part of the hook is aligned to the same side as the right angle of the triangle.

This ensures that the longest side of the triangle faces your cheek.

This part will be different if you have chosen to pierce a hole through a different edge.

This is how it should looks like in the end.

Try it on!

Experiment with different patterns, colours and shapes!

I'm gonna make a diamond one soon! :)

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