Thursday, December 18, 2008

Eco-friendly Xmas Card Competition

This is the Christmas card that we made for the competition we had recently! The card is actually A1 size. We spent several days trying to complete it and even had to stay back for 2 days or so to finish it. As you all should be able to tell from the picture, the Christmas tree is made from many many strips that we cut out from green aluminium drink cans.

The bronze strip that you see at the bottom is actually some sort of a floating ribbon, but the colour made it looked like a muddy path instead. This is the part that I didn't like about the card. :(

One of my favourites is the golden bells that we made. It's actually made of the top of the Yakult/Vitagen bottles and the bottle caps of the eye drops we have in our clinic! We sprayed gold spray all over it and scattered gold glitter on it before the paint dried. Tada! And we've got a pair of golden bells!

Another one that is also worth mentioning is the heaven-sent gifts with parachutes attached. The parachutes are made of the individual cells of the plastic egg carton wrapped with potato chip wrappers for a more appealing look. And as you can see, the gift is made from fruit juice carton!

The silver star is made from aluminium foil wrapped with old newspaper crushed to the shape of a star and the ribbon, is simply something we got from old Christmas decorations.
And for the snow men's face, we were all desperate and short of ideas by that time. So in the end, we simply grabbed the notice board pins we have on the table and the used super glue cap that was also lying around with the rest of the mess.

And with this project... *drum rolls* we've got the FIRST PRIZE, beating the rest of the other Outpatient clinic that took part in this competition.

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