Thursday, December 25, 2008

TO: YOU - XMAS 2008


So once again it's Christmas and I have finally finished all the presents (regardless of how last-minute they are) and gave them to their delightful recpients.

I think the ideas that I got from this Xmas present-making will definitely be brought forward for the upcoming NTU Bazaar that I am going to tak part in. Gosh! I'm really excited about the Bazaar, but I'll talk more about it another day.

Freedom Earrings for Kelly. I even have to get 925 silver hooks specially for her because she has sensitive skin. The aquamarine beads are Swarovski crystals.

Freedom is a pair of wings and the limitless blue sky overhead.

Black Angel Necklace for Cheng. It's Swarovski crystals again. But she said it didn't look like one! 

Pink Angel Necklace for Ginny. And it's Swarovski Crystals again. :)

Swarovski Hair Ties for Rina, Claire and Zaneta respectively from the left.

I think I am going to make at least one for myself too!

Xmas Tokens for the clinic staff. I tied cotton ribbon to the cute mini wooden pegs to make it more presentable.

Last but not least, the Amigurumi Horse for Grace. She finally got the Horse she has always wanted! :)

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