Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's it, I'm frogging it

I took out my unfinished bag from several light years ago just the other day. Before I picked up my knitting needles, I stood in front of the mirror with the bag. There I stood, turning left and right for about 5 minutes, in front of the mirror.

Then I decided. That's it, I'm frogging it.

So I took out my scissors and started ripping it apart from the point where I stopped knitting and where I had made extra secured seal with fabric glue. With large and fast movements, my hands and arms worked together to pull out the knitted rows of yarn and rolling them together inot a neat ball. Row by row, the yarns unraveled until there was nothing left anymore. Nothing but a neat little ball of yarn, as if I had never made the bag before, as if I have never worked on the ball of yarn before.

Then, on the next day, I picked up my crochet hook and started hooking on the stitches. I'm working on a completely new bag with the same old yarn.

I felt a great sense of satisfaction.

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