Monday, July 12, 2010

FO: Doris Day Scarf

Warning: This post contains pictures of a scarf made using a yarn of such bright colour that it may potentially harm your eyes! 


Hello everyone, how was the weekend? I've been making so many things in this holiday, I don't think that I will have the time to write about all of them on the blog on time! I'll just do one thing at a time from now on...

This is a crochet Doris Day scarf made using 100% acrylic Marvel 8 ply yarn in SHOCKING PINK. A definite head-turner and attention-seeker. I saw the free pattern on Vickie Howell's blog and finished it in a single day. Yes, one single day! If I want to be more specific, it would be 2 movies and 2 replays of my favourite mix-tape containing the greatest 1950s hits. Of course I had breaks in between...

A huge skein!

But I have to say that I am not as happy with this as I am with my Mega-Cable scarf. The acrylic yarn made the scarf rather stiff. It doesn't look like the soft and bouncy scarf that the model in the pattern is wearing at all. Perhaps it is my fault for not using a 100% silk yarn as stated in the pattern. Damn. My fault for not being rich enough.

Doris Day Scarf by Vickie Howell (via)

Work in progress...

Nevertheless, I think that it'll still look good once it's matched with clothes that complement its colour and ruffles. I sure hope that the person receiving this will like it. :)


One last thing before I go, for people who may not know, Doris Day is actually an American actress who was around even before the time of coloured TV! I have never seen any of her movies or TV shows though. Maybe I should do that to get to know more about Vickie Howell's inspiration behind this scarf.

Doris Day Scarf by yours truly


Unknown said...

LOVE IT! Great color! Would you mind posting it in my Flickr pool?

Thanks for making the scarf!

gwenstella said...

oh *squeals! Vickie Howell commented on my post! thanks for the pattern Vickie! I've added the pictures on your Flickr pool.