Thursday, July 1, 2010

FO: Oh Shivers, Keep Me Warm Scarf

Wheee...! It's been less than a week since my holidays started and I have finished a scarf! More importantly, this is the very very first time that I tried knitting cables! Oh dear oh dear, can you see me jumping as I am typing this? (And the song 'Forever Young' that is currently playing on my computer is also getting my heart pumping and fist punching.)

Enough of the nonsense. Let's talk about the scarf! 

It's originally called the Mega Cabled Scarf and I got the free pattern from here. But because of the yarn that I used and the winter that is so cold right here in Sydney, I'm calling it the "Oh Shivers, Keep Me Warm Scarf". (And also because I am rather lame and I like interesting names.)

I made it using Moda Vera's Shiver yarn in purple. It's 100% acrylic with a really soft texture. I only used 2 balls of it for the main body of the scarf but I think I used around 1/3 of the 3rd ball for that 2 massive pom poms.

Talking about the pom poms! I have never seen and never made such massive pom poms. Trimming the pom poms really made my eyes water and my nose itch. I think I breathed in quite a bit of the fibres.

And this is the close-up of the gorgeous cables. I mean gorgeous in theory but perhaps not so much in this scarf since this is my first time trying cables. The cable stitch is one of the wonderful things that can be created with knitting. 

Did I mention that I knitted this pattern without using any cables needles? Yeah, I have no cables needles with me but I do have many knitting needles of different sizes. I think you can imagine what I did. It was a mess but I got used to it as I went along. You could probably guess which end of the scarf is the one where I started knitting. It's the end with the wonky cable stitches...

Last but not least, this scarf is not for me! I made this for a friend of mine. Maybe I'll be able to post some pictures of her wearing it after I have given it to her. That will happen in a few months' time.


Hello Naka said...

this is amazing ^^ it's always a great feeling seeing someone wear something u made :3

sukigirl said...

This is such a pretty scarf!
This is another reason why I need to practice my knitting.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Love that cabled scarf!! It looks like the perfect project to learn to cable :-) What size needles did you use?? I think I have some of that Shiver in my stash, its lovely and soft isn't it!

Angela said...

How pretty your yarns are..
I love it..
Indeed, it makes me to love more knitting and crocheting!

It's my passion over the years to knit with circular knitting needles and I love working with them because they are really suitable with my knitting projects.

This is great for knitting on the road -- you can't drop a needle when it's attached to your work!

Thanks for sharing..

gwenstella said...

thank you all for your lovely compliments for the scarf :)

oh, and Baa-Me Knits, I used a pair of 9mm needles for this scarf. I think you will enjoy working with the yarn!

Amy said...

Thanks for this great pattern! I used a deep red for mine and love the way it turned out!