Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 ways to wear your favourite shawl/scarf

Hello everyone! I’m back with my new, favourite shawl (the knitted Sunday Market Shawl) and the 8 different ways to wear it! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the same shawl, because I’m sure you have a big scarf or old shawl waiting for you in a corner of your closet.

Let’s explore the 8 looks together! Use this figure and other photos to guide yourselves!

NOTE: Pardon that black suitcase in the background of the photos. It's my housemate's. (-_-X)

Look 1
Wrap the length of the shawl around your body and tuck in the ends. Secure and cinch your waist with a belt.

Look 2
Tie ends A and B together. Tie ends C and D together. Put your hands through the 2 small loops created from the tied ends. Wear it as a baggy cardigan with the body of the shawl resting on your shoulders.

Look 3
Tie ends A and D together. Hang the shawl on your neck, with the knot positioned behind the neck.

Look 4
1. Position shawl
2. Bring the top ends of the shawl to the centre of your chest and cross them
3. Twist the ends
4. Tie a knot and secure by tucking it in

Look 5
Create Look 3. Then tie ends B and C together in front of you. Move the new knot to your back. A nice keyhole will be formed at the back.

Look 6
1. Position the shawl on your shoulders
2. Hold on to the 2 ends in front of you
3. Tie the 2 ends together at your back
4. This is how it looks behind

Look 7
Just wind the shawl around your neck haphazardly to create a natural drape.

Look 8
If all else fails, just let the shawl hang on your shoulders.

Isn’t that easy? I hope the pictures make the instructions easier to follow. I’m sure some of you definitely know of more ways to wear a simple shawl like this. These are just the 8 ways that I thought of at the point of the photo-taking.

I personally find Look 2 very inspiring! It’s easy to add different layers to create a different look. This is how I wore Look 2 the other day… when I was in school blogging about the Sunday Market Shawl for the first time.

Sunglasses: No brand from DFO, A$10
Shawl: DIY knitted Sunday Market Shawl
Cropped Cream Cardigan: Paper Scissors, A$9.99 (discounted price!)
Beaded Wooden Necklace: Pinched it from my Mum’s jewellery box
White Long Sleeves Top: Cotton On, A$7.50 (discounted price!)
Indigo Skinny Jeans: Kmart, A$29
Black Boots: Kmart, A$29


Hello Naka said...

i love look 3,4 and 7 ^^ and great tutorial on how to make the looks :3

kate said...

thanks!! i just bought a pashmina and was looking for different ways to tie it. i love all the different looks you have here. and clear instructions too. =)