Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIY: New necklace from an old brooch

I have this brooch that I bought from Diva a few months ago. It was on sale for $5 and I just loved the colours and the shine! But I haven't really worn it at all because I am still thinking of an outfit to wear it with. Maybe I bought the brooch on impulse. (T_T)

But maybe it'll be easier for me to wear it after I have made it into a necklace! And so, I did make it into a necklace. It didn't cost me a thing at all because I used a chain that I have from an existing necklace. And the best part is, this necklace is not permanent. So, I can still wear the brooch as it is when I want to! 



  1. Get your brooch and chain!
  2. Fold your chain into half. Insert the pin from the brooch slightly above the point where your chain is folded into half. Go higher up if your brooch is longer/wider, lower if your brooch is smaller!
  3. Wrap the long free end of your chain around the corresponding side of your brooch.
  4. This is how the back looks like. See how I wrapped the chain around each side of the brooch?
That's it! Isn't it simple? I think I will wear my 'new' necklace soon! But now I have to go back to studying because I have a big test on Monday. Wish me luck!

P.S.: Before I forget, I want to say a big HELLO to all my new (and of course, old) readers. Thank you so much for your comments! I am really glad that you guys like the Knotted T-shirt Scarf. I will be checking out your blogs once I am done with the test on Monday! Till then!


Acha said...

Another great idea! Hey guess what, i just saw you here: haha! Looks like all the people I follow, follow the same blogs. lulz. >_<

Good luck with your exams!

Hello Naka said...

love the neckalce :) its nice and colourful ^^

Lauren Leggatt said...

wow! thats such a great way to use an old brooch. I love it! love love love.
p.s. thanks for such a lovely comment on my blog :)