Saturday, August 28, 2010

This makes me salivate as I look at my balls of yarn

Skymagenta from Malaysia has a serious case of MAD talent. Look at all this creations! Other than the visible crochet stitches, the form and colour of the objects are close to the real stuff. I want to nom on them right now...
Crochet Breakfast
Crochet Dim Sum
Crochet Sushi Platter
Crochet Pizza
Crochet Prawn Noodles
Crochet Taco and Chips
But she doesn't only specialise in food! I really wonder how much time she spends on making each set.
Crochet Hair Dryer and Tongs
Crochet Sewing Machine
She has tons of other creations available in her Etsy store. But if you just want to ogle at the pictures, you can check out her Flickr photostream, or follow her on her blog to get future updates!

All images are from Skymagenta's Flickr photostream.


Unknown said...

Hi Gwenstella!

Congratulations!!! You are the winner of the Chicki Giveaway.
Please contact me at kawaiigames [at] gmail . com with your adress so I can send you the goodies.

♥ Smultron, Hawaii Kawaii

Hello Naka said...

zomg this is so cool ^^ i wanna eat everything up I wish I was more skilled XD

Meb said...

nice photo blog and thanks for sharing the web links

Anonymous said...

i've just discovered your blog, it's SO Soooooo great !!!!!
i'm a new fan from France !

Kelig from France

Acha said...

hahhahaha. Oh my gosh! how talented. this made me smile so big! ^___^

gwenstella said...

Naka: hahaha! I wish I was more skilful too!!!

Meb: you're welcome, I'm glad that you like it.

Kelig: OH MY GOD! I have fan from France! I'm so flattered!!! (n_n)

Acha: ^__________^

vanessa said...

this is soo cool!too bad you can't actually eat the food!;)

Toreishi Hiko said...

*Like* :D