Sunday, November 28, 2010

FO: Ilene Bag (in psychedelic colours)

Finished Ilene Bag
WOW. This is finally finished. Ok I didn't take very long to knit this particular bag. But this yarn has been on and off the knitting needles for several times. I bought the yarn 3 years ago and was in the process of knitting this Mary's Summer bag. But I screwed up somewhere along the way. I was still beginning to learn to knit then. Consequently, I decided to frog it all together. I have tried crocheting a bag out of it a few times too, but I just couldn't get a base of the right size.

Original bag that I was knitting
Then, I came across the free pattern for Ilene Bag on Ravelry and I knew that I have to knit this bag, in this yarn. More importantly, I have to finish it.

And I did. Phew. I'm not very sure if I have an extra ball of this yarn back home in Singapore. I certainly hope not. Although I love the colours, I think I have had enough of looking at this yarn on my needles. 

But isn't the bag pretty? :) I made a rather long strap so that I could either use it as a sling bag or a shoulder bag. 

I feel like a hippy. Just give me a vast grassy field and I'll be laying there with this bag by my side.


Mary said...

Hello! Thank you for all the lovely comments! That bag is cool, I love the zany rainbow pattern, it makes my eyes go all funny. :D

Thank you for introducing me to another She & Him song, they are the best.

Chelsea said...

wow, you made that? nice work :) i don't think i know how to knit..

Acha said...

hello gwen! great creation as usual! i need to re-learn how to knit again! and haha. i'm also like that. i sometimes buy materials to work with and get stuck with them for years.

Unknown said...

I'm working on an Ilene bag myself... in a psychedelic sock yarn. Yours gives me inspiration. Thanks.