Friday, June 24, 2011

DIY: Honey, I shrunk my ring!

My mum has always said that I have the hands of a child. It's true. I reckon my hands are the size of a 12 year old. My fingers aren't exactly slender, but they are definitely not the prescribed 'S' or 'XS' in most commercial accessory shops.

So what happens when I buy rings? Well, I either buy the ones that are adjustable or I clench my fist tightly when I wear the non-adjustable ones out. The latter doesn't always work because sometimes I forget about the ring I am wearing and they fall out as I wave goodbye to my friends after an outing. =_=

A few weeks ago, I bought this ring from Sportsgirl during a sale. It was an 'S' but it was still slightly loose on my finger. I couldn't take it anymore. So, I took a bit of my wire, pulled out my pliers, and began to wrap short lengths of wire around the ring. I guess this looks all right for this design of the ring because it's supposed to look.... grunge? I wouldn't use this method for more feminine designs. 

Now this ring fits really snugly on my finger and I LOVE IT! :D

I know there's something called the ring guard, but I'm not very sure if that would be a feasible idea for me. I'm sure I'd lose those tiny little pieces of plastic all the time. Do you guys have any other suggestions or advice? >_<


::little projects in style:: said...

this is a brilliant idea. i used to put surgical tape at the back of my rings... but that was SUPER unglam..

your idea is much better! :)

brittany said...

So clever! Reminds me of once when I was young I went through a box of my mom's old stuff and found my dad's class ring. He has huge fingers and hers were really small so she had wound a bunch of tape around the bottom to resize it. Apparently this was pretty common among her classmates.

I don't think you would lose the plastic pieces too easily because they fit pretty snugly, but if you wanted to experiment you could DIY a plastic ring sizer with a little snip of like fish tank tubing.


BEESTLYproducts said...

idk. i think the wire was a good idea...

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

that's a REALLY good idea! x

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KANI said...

i have the same problem as you! i put foam tape inside one of my rings, though it looks no where as good as what you've done here! great idea :)

Atley said...

Ingenious! Love when a girl can solve a problem! haha especially if she uses tool!