Sunday, December 19, 2010


I am currently knitting another pencil scarf. This is for a friend of mine who will be going over to Pennsylvania for an exchange for a semester. I feel so excited for her because she will be able to buy things from and enjoy free/very cheap shipping.

Of course, that is just a very tiny part of the great thing about going for an exchange in Pennsylvania. You didn't really think that I am that shallow, did you?


STEENIE said...

so cute! What a good idea! Have you made these before?

rachel said...

what a cute pencil scarf! nice idea.

Filiz said...

hi!This is very cute:))Your blog and your works are wonderful!I will be a follower of your blog up to now.I love knitting very much,I have a blog too,if you visit me I will be glad :)

see you

Acha said...

Lulz. very quirky! next, you could knit a bag that looks like a notebook or a pad paper with lines. hehe.