Sunday, January 29, 2012

DIY: Knitted Sequined Collar

Right side
Wrong side
It's here, it's here!!! The pattern for my latest knitted creation is finally here:


Yarn: 1 ball of Moda Vera Ballroom yarn
Needles: 5.0mm
Gauge: I do not make swatches

(Please read the pattern very carefully before casting on! This is not a conventional written knitting pattern. If possible, try knitting the pattern using another yarn of a similar weight first. Believe me, frogging sequined yarn is a real pain in the arse.)

The picture above represents the knitted collar. 

The numbers represents the number of stitches and the lines represents where markers should be placed. For example, count 2 stitches from the beginning and place a marker.

The dots represents where a decrease should be made. For example, decreases should always be made AFTER the stitch marker on the left of the collar and BEFORE the stitch marker on the right of the collar. One dot represents 1 decrease and each decrease should be made as follows:

LEFT of the pattern: sl1, knit 1, psso
RIGHT of the pattern: knit, return, pass, return

Video examples of these decreases can be found here.

1 x Line = 1 x stitch marker
1 x Dot = 1 x decrease
1 x decrease on the left of the pattern = sl1, knit 1, psso
1 x decrease on the right of the pattern = knit, return, pass, return

Not all decreases occur at the same time, so read the pattern carefully! Ready? Here we go!
Cast on 180
Place stitch markers
Row 1 – 4: Knit
Row 5: Purl
Row 6: Knit all and decrease the RED dots.
Row 7: Purl

Repeat Rows 6 & 7 until the collar measures 5 cm from the beginning. End this repeat pattern with a purl row (i.e. Row 7)

Row 8: Knit all and decrease the RED BLUE dots
Row 9: Purl

Repeat Rows 8 & 9 until the collar measures 6.5 cm from the beginning. End this repeat pattern with a purl row (i.e. Row 8)
Row 10: Knit all and decrease the RED, BLUE GREEN dots
Row 11: Purl

Repeat Rows 10 & 11 until the collar fits your neck. I stopped when my collar measured 9cm from the beginning, but my neck is probably different from yours!

Cast off loosely. I used the cast off technique shown in this video
It is important that your cast off is loose! If not, the collar will fit very tightly around your neck!

Push all the sequins at the back to the front.
Block by pinning it in place and then hovering a steam iron over it for several minutes
Sew hooks.

You’re done! (n_n)


Sparkle and Co said...

I love it!!! Good for enhancing a simple black dress

Alexandriaweb said...

That is so pretty, I can't wait to give it a try :)

BEESTLYproducts said...

that yarn is effing magic! your collar ids pretty great, too!

Unknown said...

Going to try and knit it with wool and wire