Monday, February 20, 2012

Sydney Trip 2011/2012 - Day Two

In case you missed it:
Sydney Trip 2011/2012 - Day One

DAY TWO (30/12/2011): Sydney Fish Market & Darling Harbour
Day 2 of the trip consisted of a scrumptious lunch at Sydney Fish Harbour and a long walk around the Darling Harbour

// Boater's hat, Bardot, $20 / Dress, Made by me / Bag, Sportsgirl, $15 //

From my friend's iPhone
From my friend's iPhone

Spoilt for choice at Sydney Fish Markets
Mint and chocolate chip ice cream 
If you haven't noticed, the bottom of the label actually says, "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children".


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks fun I love your blog its awesome how do I get a blog like that started???

Unknown said...

nice photos you have! love love your stockings!

wool and misc said...

you're cute!!