Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You have got to be kidding me

This is a picture of the current status of my neon green jumper. It's not going well at all. I've tried it on and it's too small for me. This project will be adjourned until further notice. I am actually having second thoughts about knitting in general. That is how dissatisfied I am with how things with my knitting are going at the moment.

In other news, I have lost the memory card that contains many pictures of my ongoing DIY projects and photos of my trip around Sydney with my friends. Of all the things that I have lost in my life thus far, this one tops the list for being the most depressing loss ever. (Coming close in second is a silver bracelet with my name engraved which was given to me as a birthday present years ago)

On a happier note, I am currently enjoying the country life in Albury, NSW, Australia at the moment. This is the second week of my 6-week clinical placement. I was planning on posting some projects that I have photos of but for some reason, my Internet connection is awfully slow here and it takes me ages to load a single page. I'll definitely try to write up blog posts on my trip here and some recent DIY projects, but no promises!

Meanwhile, hang on tight and I'll write again really soon! xx

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