Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mad about sewing zips!

I have completed knitting a sweet lilac purse with lace patterns a few months back. It is was intended to be given to a colleague of mine who was leaving. Well, she has already left for a few months but the purse is still incomplete.

Actually the only thing that was left to be done is to sew zips to the openings of the what I have already knitted. But it's really a torture to sew the zips. I mean REALLY. I never had that stamina and patience to sew the zips on, stitch by stitch, taking care that the stitches don't show on the right side of my knitted work.

It all started with this blue purse, the maiden project completed by my knitting "student", a friend of mine who is working in the same clinic as me. So as a "teacher", I had to encourage her to continue to knit by allowing her to have her very first, completed knitted project. It was also the first time I tried sewing zips onto a knitted piece of work, so I finished up pretty fast with my enthusiasm. I even added a teddy backing into the purse! Yes it was A LOT of work.

I think it looked really neat!
So, for a while I had a phobia towards sewing zips by hand.

But looking back, I think I'm now ready to get back to the work. Moreover, I think I should be meeting up with that colleague of mine soon. (^_^)

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