Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY: Of ribbons and flowers

This cute ribbon brooch can jazz up your plain ol' tee!

A little variation is all you need to make another flower hair pin!

Materials needed:
Assorted ribbon
Assorted buttons
Super duper adhesive glue
Some sewing thread and needles

Step 1: Cut 4 pieces of ribbon, each measuring about 7cm.
Step 2: Using one of the ribbon, fold the 2 ends of the ribbon towards the centre as shown in the picture. Glue or sew the ribbon in place.

Step 3
: Repeat Step 2 with 2 other ribbon and place them to form an asterisk (*) sign as shown. Glue/Sew them in place.

Step 4: Place the asterisk on top of the last ribbon and then its 2 ends towards the centre again to create the ribbon flower as shown in the picture. Glue/Sew the ribbons in place.

Step 5: Try to match different buttons with the ribbon used to create a desired look. Play around the buttons by stacking them on top of one another to create different looks.

(This look was created by placing a pink heart scrapbook embellishment on top of a slightly bigger button of a complement colour)

Step 6: Glue them on a brooch pin/ hair pin/ hair band and then wear them with pride!

Step 7: Try it with different ribbons and buttons! I also made another one using the fabric button that I made several days ago

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