Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great craft finds at Daiso!

Daiso is a shop from Japan which sells everything at only S$2. I love to go hunting for crafting materials at Daiso because sometimes you can really get to find great deals for certain items in the shop! Apparently they have a USA online store!

Plastic knitting spool with a detachable head that comes in small, medium and large sizes! Make the changes according to your yarn and project requirement! Better than the one I got from Spotlight a year ago which cost me S$10 and only comes in one size. (=.=)

Magnetic spring frame for making little purses!

And my favourite, cover buttons! Make your very own buttons with the fabric to match your blouse! But of course I'm not using it for a blouse.

I used the scrap fabric that I had left from making my first blouse.


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Hello Naka said...

omg the button thing is so cool ^^