Saturday, August 14, 2010

DIY: Casual Military Refashioned Tee

Hi guys! Here I am with another refashioned tutorial! Do you remember about my tank top that was ripped by the washing machine? Well, I used the bottom hem of the tank for the Rosette and Lace Refashioned Tee. But I still have a large piece of that lovely stretchy knit fabric left. So, I’m using it for this project!
Military Epaulette Jacket by 2treasurehunt on Etsy
This Military Refashioned Tee is a design that is inspired by those military coats with majestic epaulettes on the shoulders. I have had this black tank for quite some time and wanted to add something to it. The “Air Force” iron-on patch is something that I added after getting the black tank top. But even with that, I never really had a real kick whenever I wear this tank. It was a very very plain and boring military tank top. But now that I have added the “epaulette” on one shoulder, I think I’m ready to become a revolutionary and show it to the rest of the world.

So, are you ready? Let’s go!

Unwanted tee/Knit fabric
Tank top
Sewing needle and thread

1.Get 2 pieces of knit fabric. I got mine from cutting off the bottom half of a ripped tank. 
2.Cut the knit fabric into strips of about 1 cm wide.
3. Pull the ends of the strips so that it curls around breadth-wise as shown in the picture
4. Sew the strips around the joining seam of one of the shoulders of the tank. The strip can be sewn to the tank top at its midpoint or at 1/3 of its length. You can also try to vary the point where the strip is sewn to have a messier look. Don’t try to make everything too neat!
5. You should get a sizeable tuft of… fabric strips on one of your shoulders.
6. Grab some strips and tie them into braids to create greater volume and an even more interesting look to your DIY epaulette!
7. Get another strip of fabric of about 2cm wide and sew it around the other shoulder.
8. Viola! Get a beret and strut your stuff like Che Guevera.

So after 2 refashioned tutorials, I still have quite a bit of my ripped tank top left! Hmm… I wonder what else I should with it…

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