Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spot the difference: ASOS Panda Beanie


Hey everyone! I'm sorry for disappearing without a trace. I was busy with moving for the past week and right now I'm sick! :(

I promise that I will be back with more DIY posts and FO posts soon! But meanwhile, here's a little something that my friend told me about - Panda Beanie by ASOS! It simply reminded me of the one I made a while ago... 

But here are some of the differences that I have noted...

1. The ASOS Panda Beanie is made using chunky yarn, while mine is made using DK yarn
2. The ASOS Panda Beanie is longer, while mine is ... rounder
3. The ASOS Panda Beanie is grey, while mine is white
4. The ASOS Panda Beanie doesn't have the curly smile, while mine do
5. The ASOS model is Caucasian..., while I am Asian =_=

HAHAHA. All right, that's all for now! For people who knit and would like to make your own unique knitted Panda hat, my pattern for the Panda hat can be found on my blog here and on Ravelry here. See you all again real soon! :)


Unknown said...

haha! Cute post. I love the one you made. It's adorable!

ashmash said...

The ears are different! =) ASOS is like a pom pom and yours are ears... Lol I lack a better description.

BEESTLYproducts said...

i like your nose/mouth combo better!