Saturday, June 7, 2008

Addicted to knitting

I have been addicted to knitting ever since I started picking them up in May 2008. After my first unofficial project, the beret (maybe I'll talk about that in the next post), I have been feeling rather listless. It just seems weird not to start on an official item and I couldn't do anything at all without thinking about knitting. I think I'm already addicted to knitting!

So I'm really glad that I bought my yarn from Spotlight on Thursday to start on my first official project - Young Hearts scarf. It's actually a simple design that I came up with using purl bumps to show the hearts. I'll probably post the pattern and the finished product once I am done with it. (^_^)v

The yarn that I used is Patons Smoothie DK, 100% acrylic but the texture feels just like cotton and is very good to work with for this pattern. Most importantly, it's 100g/200m for only S$4.95! And I just can't stop drooling at the bubblegum pink that seems good enough to eat! Though I know acrylic isn't really going to keep me warm enough during the cold months in Australia, i just couldn't resist the colour and the texture of the yarn. So i guess I'll probably use the scarf during late Spring or early Autumn. Hee hee.

Hopefully I'll have enough extra to make a matching hat to go with the scarf!

I have many other projects in mind, like the pencil scarf(really cute and geeky!) and the besotted scarf. But for the latter I'll have to master cable first before I really get on with it. As these are the scarf that I am really going to wear in Australia, I want to make sure that they are perfect. I guess right now I do have a very good excuse to knit stuff that I am never going to get to use in hot, sunny Singapore since I am leaving to study in Australia next year!

After these three scarfs I think I will probably move on to either socks or hats. Maybe even a bag! But I wonder when will I gain enough skills and knowledge (not forgetting courage and money) to make a pullover or a jacket. That will be really really cool.

All right I think I am starting to yak aimlessly about my knitting. So I better go off and get on with my knitting!

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