Sunday, June 8, 2008

How I started knitting

I can't really remember the time when I started having the desire to learn knitting.

But I can definitely remember the time when I finally set my heart to start knitting. It was when my friend gave me a knitting gift set as a present for my 19th birthday (she knew I was thinking about taking up knitting). It's a kit that includes yarns, needles and a book with instructions on how to knit. So with all the materials required, why not start working the needles!

It was hard to pick up initially, because the instructions in the book weren't exactly easy to follow for beginners. Most importantly, the size of the needles given did not correspond to the ones required for the yarns given in the same set! That explained my initial frsutrations with my inability to get a good gauge.

So, I forgot about the whole kit (except for the yarn which, though not of a good quality, is something I can use for practise and experimentations) and got my own plastic needles from Spotlight. And fortunately, I found a great online source to learn knitting. From casting on to binding off and even increasing and decreasing, it's all found on the net!

In addition, there is also a variety of knitting books available at the library for people who are keen to learn. I recommend The Knitter's Bible for their easy-to-follow instructions and clear pictures. More importantly, it suggests projects (with patterns included in the book) that one can make with each skill that one has mastered. And I LOVE the gallery of lace, cable and even gansey patterns available at the back of the book for reference!
I'm glad that I never signed up for any knitting lessons conducted at exorbitant rates because I learnt it for FREE.
So, for everyone out there who are itching to get those needles going and don't know how, you do now! (^_^)

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