Friday, October 31, 2008

Ooh La La Slouchy Beret!

I love to knit berets. They are chic, easy to knit and it requires only 1 ball of yarn!

I remember the very first beret that I knitted for myself to practise my increasing and decreasing. It certainly does feels kind of nostalgic talking about it. Well, I made it using cheap white acrylic yarn and it was a little tight. I didn't think I looked good with it so I shoved it all the way to the back of my shelf.

But I have never forgotten about that beret. I have been wanting to make a slouchier version of it. Slouchy hats are all the rage right now in the fashion scene, aren't they? So when Kelly passed me the one ball of yarn that she didn't like, I decided to make a beret out of it.

What she gave away...
Actually, I still don't understand why she didn't like the yarn. It's a soft 100% acrylic with beautiful colours. It's almost like a self-striping yarn!
It seems to be self-striping! (^_^)
So to make the slouchy beret, I used needles that are one size bigger (5.0mm from the original 4.0mm)  and I did 19 more repeat rows in stockinette stitch after the last increase. Meaning to say that After the last increase row I didn't increase anymore, but instead did 19 more rows of stockinette stitch before I move on to the decreasing rows.
The result was a jumbo sized beret. I think I should have started off with smaller needles (I used 4.0mm)  for the ribbings in the beginning. Fortunately, my beret was knitted flat, so I simply stitched up more of the seams again and again after I achieved the desired result. 
So much bigger than my hand! I didn't even have to block it...
I am definitely going to make one for myself. (I have 3 balls of this yarn at home!) 


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