Sunday, June 6, 2010

FO: Floral Brooch for Art Swap


I was invited by my English teacher from secondary school to take part in an art swap.Well, it happened a month ago and I was supposed to send this out... many weeks ago.

But I have only just sent it out this week. I really really hope that she doesn't mind. I wanted to take part in it but it was hard to find time with all my school work and clinic placement (and addiction to watching Friends).

Better late than never. This phrase is really becoming my favourite excuse.

All right, enough of the prologue. Here are the pictures:

I made the flower using a floral fabric that I bought off ebay not too long ago. The centre of the flower is actually a vintage-looking gold and cream button that I got from a local craft and fabric store. I absolutely adore how the floral prints and the button go so well together!

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Megan Sullivan said...

This is adorable! I'd totally wear it. Thanks for viewing my blog and commenting on the silk top I made.
Lots of craft love,