Monday, October 18, 2010

DIY: Ripped Stockings

I am currently in the second last week of my academic semester. Then I will have a break week during which I will study like there is not tomorrow in preparation for the end of semester exams. After all that, I will be burning my notes in the woods, dancing around the huge bonfire while chanting in a tribal language. 

But let's just get back to reality for a second here. The reason for the lack of posts is obvious and I am terribly sorry about it. This is something that I created on a very stressful night in the midst of writing an essay and thinking of the other assignments that I have do.

It doesn't look fantastic (you will see better DIY ripped stocking if you Google), but damn, it's a great way to de-stress. This is also way healthier than eating chocolates.

Stockings (I used one that already had a hole in it)
Stress (optional)

1. Wear your stockings. 
2. Just slit (very gently), pull and let it rip. 

Warning: Don't be overzealous! Don't create too many holes or holes that are too big because of a big slit. Most importantly, do not cut your own skin. Also, do not wear this to school because people will STARE. (T_T)

1 comment:

Acha said...

lol :) >>> "Also, do not wear this to school because people will STARE. (T_T)"

but oh how can you resist the chocolates? haha. good job on the ripping!