Saturday, June 11, 2011

FO: Mushroom Pickings

Yes, so I've made another crochet item, for another friend of mine as a birthday present, once again. Three crochet FOs in a month! I don't think I'm going to crochet a while... and I think these birthdays are going to stop coming for a while... phew!

What do you guys think of this bag? I gave it to my friend at her birthday party today and I think she likes it! :D I was thinking of using a bright yellow for the bag initially, but then I thought my friend would prefer this colour. The pattern is from here. But if you compare my bag to the original version, it's slightly different because I used 8ply yarn instead of the prescribed 10ply. I also worked in rounds and didn't turn my work, except when I was almost finishing at the top. My handles are definitely different too because by the time I got to the handles, I was like, "pattern? schmattern!" and worked it out myself. 

Nevertheless, I really like how the bag turned out! It's really surprising to see that it turned out to be sooooo mori-esque! Mori is a japanese style of dressing that I am actually rather into. But I haven't really dressed in that manner... yet... Anyway, I named the bag "Mushroom Pickings" because I imagined that is a bag someone might carry when s/he goes into the forest to pick mushrooms. Heh.

Well, my rambling will stop here. Sorry that I have only have one pathetic picture of the bag to show you guys. It isn't even the actual end product because I haven't weaved the ends in yet when I took this picture. I do have a couple of other WIP pictures, but I decided that they were too awful... >_<


BEESTLYproducts said...

it's cute! i think it would have been awesome in yellow!

sukigirl said...

Sweet! I've been wanting to make another one but this time for me.
The two that I made before were only 6 inches across but I'd love to make a bigger version.
Do you remember how big yours turned out?
cheers suki