Wednesday, July 20, 2011


With about a month left for winter, I found myself waking up one morning thinking, "I better start wearing my poncho while the weather allows."

This poncho was sort of a going-away gift from my mother. The moment I saw it, I shrieked, "Mori!" But somehow I can't really pull the Mori look off. Damn. Anyhoo, I wore this poncho when I watched Harry Potter with a friend on Monday (which was overrated) and when I went back to uni  to finish some work today. 

Top (Grey knitted poncho): gift from Mum
Bottom (DIY dip-dye denim): DIY
Shoes (Equestrian boots): Kmart
Bag (White Floral Sling Bag): $5, Factorie, Sydney
Hat (Grey knitted beret): DIY, handmade
Mittens (Multi-coloured convertible mittens): Accessorize

I bought the bag on a sale for just $5, which was really lucky! The strap was initially a little too long for my stature, but I fixed the problem by poking more holes in it. Easy-peasy. This is just one of the many things that one has to learn to deal with in life when one is vertically-challenged.


Top (Grey knitted poncho): gift from Mum
Bottom (Ripped&bleached denim shorts): Cotton On
Leggings (Maroon leggings): Taiwan
Socks (Black Thigh-high Socks): eBay
Shoes (Equestrian boots): Kmart
Mittens (Multi-coloured convertible mittens): Accessorize

You will notice that I am only wearing one mitten. The other one is.... missing! >_< And one reader was just telling me about how she lost one of her mittens in a previous comment. I think I either dropped it somewhere in the city when I wore it on Monday or misplaced it in my room. No matter what, I am not too sad about it. Well, nothing lasts forever. Moreover, I think wearing mismatched mittens is rather cute! :)

Which look do you guys prefer?


Rachel, Cold Knees said...

I love both looks, although the poncho is super cute! xx

Grimilde said...

Pretty!I like your looks! You bag is very cute!

Kat said...

wah, i'm sorry you lost your mitten! i do the same thing all the time.

that was the first thing my mom said too, about the panties! haha. they were blue striped and blue with white hearts from victoria's secret.. not the best, a little girly in a little girl sense.. oh well.

but yes, thank you! i very much like the dress, and i really do need a longer ribbon..

i'm very happy, by the way, that you've returned to frequent posts over here! i've followed you since my cut out and keep days and i love all your projects and outfits :)

this is a long comment.

Unknown said...

I love both! You are the cutest thing ever!