Saturday, July 12, 2008

Because I still have so much yarn left

It's quite scary to realise the amount of yarn that I have left (3 balls, 100g for each ball).

Though I have plans to make a matching hat, I still haven't really found a design that I like and one that isn't too challenging a beginner like me. I think after making a hat I'd be able to make mittens and still have at least a ball of yarn left.

But right now my hands are itching again as I surf around the net for a hat design that I like to match with my scarf. So I decided to do a small project first.
I think the lace pattern just looks so sweet in this shade of pink!

At the very very beginning I was thinking of making a headband for myself (and then if it turns out nice, for my friend as well). I got a free, downloadable pattern for lacy headbands from KnitPicks and chose pattern C, the Sheraden Ann Headband. Then as I was working on it, I realise that it's actually kind of wide for my small head. So I decided to make it into a pouch for my new Creative Zen MP3 player instead since I have been dropping it accidentally

I just love this lace pattern. Hopefully I'll be able to find a nice hat pattern with this lace pattern!

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