Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DIY: Slash your old tee into a new one!

Materials needed:
Old, plain and boring tee
A pair of sharp fabric scissors
Fabric carbon paper
Measuring tape

Slashed tees seems to be in season right now...

And SO! I decided to make my own!

Step 1: The most important step! Choose your tee very carefully! 100% cotton tees will definitely NOT work as they tend to fray after cutting.
Do try to experiment with the excess fabric at the hem area to see if the fabric fray after cutting. Usually the stretchy tees are the ones that don't fray after cutting.

Step 2:
After deciding on the tee, it's time to start drawing the lines for cutting!
Fold the tee into half by aligning the hem by the side together. Align the front and back of the tee well and then pin them in place.

Step 3:
Start drawing the lines! I used washable fabric carbon paper and a roller. Fabric chalk is tricky to use on stretchy material.
You an decide on the length and width of the cut that you want. For my tee, I did 15 slits at the back, with each slit measuring 4.25 inches long (8.5 in when you unfold the tee), with the spacing of 1 inch for each slit.
Use a SHARP pair of scissors to make clean and straight slits!

Step 4: Repeat for the front of the tee! Due to the scoop neck design of the tee, I only made 13 slits for the front of the tee.

Step 5: Last but not least, make 2 slits on the sleeves as well! (If you are using a tee with sleeves)

Step 6:
Pair your brand new tee with a contrasting tee inside and show it to the rest of the world! (^_^)v

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