Saturday, January 23, 2010

DIY: Cupcakes for sale stand up sign

I've finally been able to spend more time at home to do the things that I want to do.

When I was doing my spring cleaning yesterday I came across this cute little Cupcake sale sign that I made a few years back for a charity drive stall. Perhaps I should just make a mini tutorial out of it.

So... here goes!

A4 Paper
Markers, colour pencils etc

Step 1: Fold the A4 paper into half lengthwise. Without unfolding, fold it half lengthwise again.
Step2: Position the paper as shown in the picture. Glue the paper at the side with the overlap.
Step3: Design your sign!

Tip: Add extra details like the cut out "soft and fluffy!" to make your sign stand out!

And last but not least... the only surviving picture of the other signs that I made for the charity drive stalls.

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