Sunday, March 7, 2010

From the streets of Bangkok - 4

Painted sneakers!? Nah! They are printed ones. Ok, so this is not exactly something made by the artists of Bangkok, but I thought that it's actually a really good idea for painting your own white shoes! I'm not too sure why, but the idea of wearing something that looks like a watermelon on your feet seems to be rather popular. A quick google led me to several links tutorials on how to paint your own watermelon sneakers. 

Watermelon sneakers in Bangkok, around 250 Baht before bargaining.

Oh, and not forgetting how Vans also have their own version of the watermelon plimsolls!
So, if watermelon is your favourite fruit... you can add this project to your DIY list. It can't be too difficult. Just paint the sides of the gum soles green, the canvas body red, and finally add little black dots all around the red body. 

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