Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One very compelling reason to make a crochet vest

The way Janis Joplin rocks a crochet vest makes me want to have one too! And when you can crochet, why not try making one instead of buying one?

But I just need to source for a nice (and free) crochet vest pattern. These are what I have found so far:

Top left: White Mesh Vest (via)
Top right: Rosario Vest (via)
Bottom left: Lylara Crochet Vest (via)
Bottom right: Flower Square Vest (via)

I feel a lot more inclined to make the White Mest Vest because... well, it's a vintage pattern! The Flower Square Vest is a groovy vintage too. But I definitely wouldn't be making it in those funky colours. I want something just like Janis Joplin's. Something between beige and sandy brown...

I must make one crochet vest during my summer break this year. Crochet is SO HOT in fashion right now. Check out the some of the 16 Chic Crochet Clothes and Accessories on Refinery29:

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