Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY: Oversized chambray shirt to skirt! (Sportsgirl DIY Project Competition)

Hey guys! I know I’ve posted this before. But this is an entry for a competition and I’ve made some changes to comply with the terms and conditions!

I made this skirt from an oversized ZARA chambray shirt that I thrifted last year.

  1. Oversized shirt
  2.  A length of elastic
  3. Sewing machine/ sewing thread and needles
  4. Lace (optional)

1. Cut the top and bottom of the oversized shirt to get a large rectangular piece of fabric.

2. Fold the top of the fabric down by 0.5 – 1 cm and iron.
3. Fold the top of the fabric down again to form a casing wide enough fit the elastic in. Iron the folds in place.

4. Sew around the bottom of the fold to form a casing while leaving a small opening for the elastic to go through. P.S.: I didn’t have to leave an opening because I used a buttoned-down shirt. There was an opening where left of the shirt meets the right.
5. Insert one end of the elastic through the opening and pull it all through the casing using a safety pin.
6. Pull the elastic through the opening again and join it to the other end of the elastic.

7. Try wearing the ‘skirt’ and see how tight you want the skirt to be.  Also consider where you want the skirt to sit (ie. at the waist or on the hips)
8. Sew the ends of the elastic together according to your considerations in Step 7.
9. Sew the opening of the casing (if any) together.
10. Hem the bottom.
11. Sew some lace around the hem. I added lace because chambray goes really well with lace!

12. Wear your new skirt proudly!
    WISH ME LUCK! :)


    Hello Naka said...

    good luck i like the lace and its pretty cool!

    Anonymous said...

    How cute! Love the refashioned skirt!