Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: Coffee Sleeve (inspired by Jimmy Choo)

Yes, I made the coffee cup sleeve that I talked about a while ago. I made it using just a small bit of the faux snakeskin that I have from an XL skirt I thrifted 2 years ago. That's the same fabric that I used to make my snakeskin and studded clutch. I don't exactly have a tutorial for this project, but I'll just share with everyone how I made it.

I cut the original sleeve that came with the tumbler, put it on a piece of paper, then traced the shape out and added about 0.5 cm to the ends. Then, using the paper pattern, I traced out the shape on my faux snakeskin fabric. 

Following that, I cut the faux snakeskin fabric and then sew the dotted ends together with a straight stitch. Finally, I trimmed the seam to make it short (as seen in the second picture) and used a zig-zag stitch to secure the seam. That's all!

My re-usable and insulated tea tumbler will never be the same again. :) Also, I still have a bit of the faux snakeskin leftover! I wonder what else I can create with the leftover... 

Image of Jimmy Choo's Coffee Sleeves via here
Image of inspiration board created using Polyvore and can be seen here

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