Sunday, February 26, 2012

DIY INSPIRATION: ASOS Hand Knit Stripe Collar

These pictures of the knitted striped collar from ASOS have been sitting on my Pinterest board for a while, and I still haven't quite decided if I want to make it. I like how this knitted collar can serve the purpose of jazzing up a simple outfit while keeping my neck warm during winter. However, for some reason, I have this feeling that I might not like it as much after making it. 

For now, this will probably stay right at the bottom of my to-knit list. But for people who want to cast on right away, you can make your own using the free pattern available on Martha Stewart's website here.

For people who want to learn to knit, check out this website. I learnt to knit by watching the videos there.


Unknown said...

It looks so adorable! Yet i have no idea how to knit - I could only draw one)


Sarah @ Knit York City said...

This is super cute! It's a Martha Stewart pattern! I've made like 4 of them for gifts! Great quick knit!