Monday, May 28, 2012

Fall/Winter Nail Inspirations

Winter has arrived a lot earlier in Sydney this year. In addition to making my jackets and blazers more accessible in my room (i.e. piling them up on a single chair), I have also been playing around with my growing collection of nail polishes and dreaming up of colours to wear on my nails for winter. 

Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I don't really have the chance to wear nail polish for a large part of the year because of the nature of my course. Of course, people in my course still wear nail polish but my Asian mentality/upbringing makes me believe that wearing nail polish is not very professional. Anyway, the point is that I actually love wearing nail polish. If I could, I would even wear a different colour every week. 

When I bought an OPI Shatter nail polish during a sale a few days ago, I decided to test it with various nail colours that I have in my stash and... decided to come up with a Fall/Winter nail colour palette as well! So here are the colours that I wish I could wear this winter...

Fall/Winter Nail Palette 2012 
1. Citrus, Ulta
2. Siw, Make Up Store ($1, thrifted = win!)
3. Random Korean nail colour
4. Midnight Fever, Ulta
5. Silver Glitter, Ulta
6. Earl Grey, Ulta
7. Twilight Fever, Ulta
8. Precious, Ulta

I mostly only buy Ulta nail polishes because they're cheap. Just to be clear, the picture above doesn't really do justice to the colours because I took the picture under the light in my room. 

Here's the colours with OPI Shatter nail polish on top. This tiny experiment has allowed me to come to the conclusion that black shatter nail polish only looks good with glittery or bright neon colours underneath. Like, duh huh?

Surprisingly, black shatter nail polish doesn't look great with holographic nail polish...

My favourite combination

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