Friday, June 15, 2012

FO: Just a yellow beanie

This is the second project that I've knitted using DPNs. It is also the first project that I knitted using my new bamboo DPNs that I bought off eBay. The problem with knitting cable (or really, knitting anything at all) using bamboo needles is the fear of breaking them. Perhaps it's a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I really broke one of my needles. Damn. 

I was really excited to see how this beanie would turn out as I was knitting because I really love the cable patterns and the overall slouchy look of the original hat knitted by the writer of the pattern. To be honest, I am actually quite disappointed at the way the hat turned out. It was not slouchy at all. And then, to my horror, I realised that it was all my own fault because I forgot to change to bigger needles after knitting the ribbed edge. Whatever.

So here's the story of the imperfect beanie. At least it helps to keep me warm and adds a dash a colour to dreary winter days. I wanted to knit a pair of matching fingerless mittens initially but right now I don't know if I still have the drive to do it. Perhaps I should do it after all, since I still have a bit of that yellow yarn left. 

Original pattern of the beanie


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Unknown said...

I love the pattern. I might have to try it.