Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh lord, what have I done?

The semester is drawing to an end and everything has been going fine (as in ok and only just ok) so far. So, last Saturday, I thought to myself, "what better way to celebrate the survival of another semester than spending money to fulfill my materialistic desires?" Behold, a picture featuring the full glory of my finds. Perhaps I have gone a tad too far.

Burnt orange wool hat with brim, Dotti, $9.95
Olive green wool bowler hat, Dotti, $5.95
Leopard print beret (with a furry texture *squeals*), Dotti, $.9.95
Black bag with gold bow detail, Dotti, $9.95
A set of 3 headbands, Factorie, $1
A set of bracelets in ethnic-inspired colours, Factorie, $4.95
Striped cotton jersey dress, Factorie, $4.95
Floral dress, Cotton On, $10
Faux fur coat, Cotton On, $20
Sunglasses for a DIY project, Cotton On, $2
Buckle bracelets in black and beige, Cotton On, $2 each
Faux leather brown laptop sleeve, Cotton On, $2
Burgundy Hi-top sneakers (*without* hidden heels, unfortunately), Rubi/Cotton On, $10

When I become an old spinster, I shall be known as the Hat Lady.
I am really really going to miss shopping in Sydney when I return to Singapore.


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