Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY: Detachable Collar

DIY Detachable Collar
Finally, a DIY-related post. 

This detachable collar was inspired by a tutorial featured on Rookie here. If you're not reading Rookie then you are missing out on something good. Anyway, the collar is from the same XL chambray shirt that I thrifted eons ago. Oh yes, I used the shirt to make a skirt here and now I've made a fun collar from remains of the shirt. I'm very much like the hunter that utilises every single part of a kill - skin, meat, fats, bones and all. Waste not, want not.

The shirt-to-skirt DIY
So here's the skirt that I made from the same shirt. Ah, I looked so happy wearing it then. But just to let everyone know, I have a very fickle heart. I stopped loving the skirt a while ago and have given it to my friend. Perhaps it was partly due to the fact that it was part of the 30 X 30 wardrobe challenge I did last year. Wearing the same item repeatedly certainly has the tendency to make it fall out of favour.

The original shirt
I think I still have the sleeves and some other remnants of the shirt lying around... I can probably make a couple of bows and random stuff out of it. We'll see! :)