Monday, September 17, 2012

Sydney Summer Love Vintage Show (and a dress called Edith)

This post just cannot wait. As everyone who has been following me will know, I am not very good at keeping up to date with my posts. But this post simply cannot wait. 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was making a dress to wear to the Sydney Summer Love Vintage Show. I was almost certain that I was NOT going to finish the dress in time as the date of the show drew near. But I did it. I finished the dress 2 days before the show and I think it's most probably the loveliest thing I have ever made. So, behold, my favourite dress at this very moment - Edith. 

Wearing: Handmade vintage-inspired 60s dress, nude Rubi flats, white vintage purse, white ASOS sunnies

Oh, I also made a matching bow
Don't ask me why I'm calling it Edith. The name just popped into my head as I was admiring it. 

Anyway, the Sydney Summer Love Vintage Show was amazing and I loved every minute that I spent there. There was a sign outside which said no photographs of the stalls were allowed, so I didn't take many photos at the show. But I did take a couple at a stall with the permission of the stall vendor. 

Mustang Sallie

And here are the things I got at the show:  

Vintage red luggage bag, $30
Vintage Australian Home Journal (1951), $18
Vintage handmade crochet gloves, $12. My life is now complete.
Vintage dress, $10. What a steal! 
Vintage sunglasses, 2 for $25. My friend bought one too.
The details of this sewing project will be discussed in another post. Stay tuned! x


Louise said...

Edith is such a pretty dress

Anonymous said...

I was admiring the Australian Home

Helga Weber said...

That dress is adorable, especially love the fabric! I wish we had vintage fairs here :( I'd probably go broke lol