Friday, April 8, 2011

bowed down

Doing nail art is fast becoming a quick and easy for me to relax and de-stress. With a bottle of nail polish at an affordable $2 and a mere 5-minute walk from home, I am not surprised that this is the second bottle of nail polish that I've bought in a short span of 2 weeks. 

I need help.

Nude nail polish
Clear nail polish
Permanent market

1. Apply appropriate layers of nude nail polish.
2. Draw cute little bows using permanent marker. Wait for it to dry.
3. Apply a layer of clear nail polish to seal the ink from the marker.

Oh wait. There's just one problem: I can't draw neat little bows on the nails on my right hand. >_<

1 comment:

Nana. said...

Hehehe, it is super difficult to make something look good on both hands :P But this really is a super cute nail art! It's super simple and that makes it so much fun ^^ I will try this for sure :D