Monday, July 5, 2010

DIY: Varsity Cardigan

That's me wearing my new Varsity Cardigan and my geeky glasses. 

Hello everyone! I'm kind of excited about this DIY tutorial because I think it's kind of the first refashion tutorial that I have done. I know I've done the slashed tee tutorial but that's just a really simple thing that has been replicated throughout the globe. This refashion project, on the other hand, is something new.

I was inspired by the many varsity cardigans that I have been seeing online lately. Also, I currently into geek fashion. Remember my Geeky glasses DIY and knitted Pencil Scarf? So I though of that plain, boring (and cheap) cardigan that has been lying in a lonely corner of my wardrobe, and decided to make varsity cardigan out of it!

Ralph Lauren's Cotton Varsity Cardigan (via)


1. Plain cardigan
2. Ribbon
3. Iron-on patches (you can use either numbers or letter!)

Note: The colours of the ribbon and the iron-on patches should be similar and complementary to the colour of your cardigan :)


1. Get your cardigan and make sure it's clean.

2. Prepare your materials.

3. Cut your ribbon according to the diameter of the sleeves and pin them in position. You can position them according to your own liking, but I think it looks the best when it is placed near the armhole. You can also make 3 stripes instead of 2!

4. Fold the ribbon inwards to create a neat joint. I positioned the joint at the same place where the seam of the sleeves is for a neat finish.

5. Sew the ribbon along its 2 sides. I used black thread because my iron-on patches have black borders as well. 
Stick the ribbon in place using Heat N Bond! I wished I had some... but it's all right because the sewing actually gave the stripes an added effect as well. So it's really up to you.

6. Iron on the numbers/letters of the OTHER side of the cardigan. Hang your varsity cardigan up and admire it. 

7. (OPTIONAL STEP) Watch Taylor Swift's 'You Belong to Me' MTV. It has a college-related theme too! HAHA.

Important note: The cardigan that I used had a loose fit, so the sleeves don't really stretch much when I am wearing it. If you are using a fitted cardigan, I advise that you use a stretchy ribbon because the ribbon limits the extent where the sleeves can stretch!

Wheee... I am looking forward to wearing my new varsity cardigan to school! (^_^)v


Hello Naka said...

great and creative ^^ u look really cute^^

gwenstella said...

awww, thank you Naka! :)